Use OEM Parts for Better Peace of Mind

No matter which parts or replacements your vehicle needs, our service team here at Champion Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM has you covered, from routine maintenance to spur-of-the-moment repairs. At our Mopar® service center in Downey, CA, our factory-trained technicians can detect normal wear and tear both inside and outside your car, broken or faulty parts, and malfunctioning components. Plus, our OEM parts are designed to withstand even the roughest conditions, so you can always enjoy peace of mind behind the wheel.  

What Are OEM Parts? 

Short for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” OEM parts are built by the same manufacturer as the vehicle. For example, your 2019 Dodge Challenger SXT comes with its own line of OEM parts custom-made by Dodge, so if you need new brake pads that work and fit perfectly, OEM brake pads are your best bet. 

At Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, we often stress the importance of OEM parts to our valuable customers because their quality is often guaranteed, giving you an elevated peace of mind. Every part is made specifically for your vehicle, so when you use non-OEM parts, you’re risking further damage and costly repair jobs.  

Why Buy OEM Parts? 

By trusting your vehicle to our well-trained technicians at your nearby Dodge dealership, you are guaranteeing awesome work by a dedicated staff that will give your vehicle the care it deserves. With our expert guidance, you will easily find out why it’s important to buy OEM parts that fit perfectly, are protected by a manufacturer warranty, and will not break down as easily as non-OEM parts. As such, OEM parts do cost more, but when you consider the vulnerabilities of non-OEM parts that may not fit correctly and wear away faster, they’re worth the extra investment.  

So schedule a service appointment today to make sure that your car stays in tip-top shape. If you have further questions about the benefits of OEM parts, feel free to ask any of our service representatives who will give you a detailed run down of these types of parts. We hope you stay safe on the road, and we hope to see you soon!