Dodge Service Tips: How Do I Know When I Need an Oil Change?

If we asked you to name car parts, you would probably name off things like gaskets, cylinders, and belts. But motor oil? Not so much.

However, motor oil is an essential part of your vehicle as well. It keeps your Dodge Durango or Jeep® Renegade running every bit as well as when it rolled off the production line. That’s why we recommend scheduling any necessary Dodge service or repairs at Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM!

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Changing Your Oil

What makes oil so important? Aside from your engine block, most parts of your engine are in motion. With motion comes heat, friction, and wear. Motor oil acts as a lubricant and a coolant and cleaning agent at the same time, preventing premature engine wear.

In the past, mechanics would recommend changing your oil every few thousand miles or so. Between advances in engine construction and motor oil formulations, that time frame has changed for newer models.

A new RAM 1500, for example, can go 7,500 to 10,000 miles between oil changes, but it’s not a bad idea to change your oil more frequently if you spend lots of time in traffic, or haul heavy loads. Heavy applications take a toll on your vehicle even if your odometer hasn’t racked up many miles.

When you stop by for service, not only will our mechanics use MOPAR parts during your appointment; we’ll also take care of other routine services like tire rotations, brake checks, and multi-point inspections.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Oil?

What happens if you’re late on your next oil change? If you’re only over a few miles, there’s no need to panic. But long-term neglect is problematic, because the more time passes, the more viscosity your oil loses.

Over time, your oil starts to gum up your engine, creating friction and heat. If you’re lucky, the worst that happens is extra trips to the pump. If you’re not so lucky and you put off your oil change for far too long, your engine could overheat or even fail. That’s a lot more expensive than an oil change!

Don’t wait to schedule your next oil change; our MOPAR parts and service specials are a good way to save essential services. Come to our Dodge dealership near Los Angeles and our team will take good care of you!