Built Tough and Made For Towing: New RAM Trucks

Our knowledgeable sales staff at our Downey, CA Dodge dealership is proud to offer you the one brand of truck that’s made for the challenge of conquering the difficult task of towing. RAM trucks are best known in the automotive industry for being tough, versatile, and capable of helping you perform the toughest of jobs. And as you know, the toughest among us are always seen behind the wheel of a RAM truck. The main reason is that the heavy duty trucks are the best trucks for towing cargo, both big and small.

Take, for example, the 2019 RAM 1500. This truck along with its stablemates are all you need to get that power and strength needed for towing.


Are You An Expert in Towing?

The following terms about towing should be familiar to anyone who is an expert in towing. But it’s okay if you are a rookie at towing. Just make sure you know and study these terms:

GAWR: Gross Axle Weight Rating applies to each axle as they combine for an overall weight rating. Higher ratings can are tougher and meaner when hauling and towing cargo and equipment.

Payload: The amount of weight you can put in the truck bed securely is the truck’s payload. For example, the RAM 1500 has a payload up 2,320 pounds.

Towing Capacity: The amount your truck can tow. For example, the towing capacity for RAM 1500 is between 6,640 pound and 12,750 pounds.


RAM Models to Consider

The 2019 RAM 1500 is the all-out favorite when it comes to versatility and safely hauling cargo and passengers alike. Because aside from its great towing capabilities, the RAM 1500 is comfortable inside, making it tough and strong from the front grille to the exhaust pipes.

But let’s say you want a more powerful truck: Consider the 2019 RAM 2500, which is built to tow with the best of them, if not, lead the category in towing. And it does all of this without losing it style and comfort in the interior.

Either way, if you’re looking for an upgrade in heavy duty trucks or even new Dodge cars, you’ve come to the right place. Your next stop should be at our showroom floor located at 9655 Firestone Blvd., where we have helpful staff members ready to help you out. We hope to see you soon!